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Our Farm & Food Forest









We have built our land and most of our operating systems through permaculture design, with the goals of creating a self sustaining ecosystem, regenerating the land, reducing our carbon foot print , contributing to a clean lake, and offering nourishing healthy organic food and products.  Our permaculture design includes three zones; the first zone serves the main house and carriage house and includes herbs, flowers, apples, elderberry, plums, and peach trees. The second zone houses the barn and animals, where the animals roam, eating from wild  flowers, herbs, and grasses; and the third zone is our food forest containing organic veggies, apple, cherry, peach, pear, plum, and walnut trees, and the hemp field. Our farm animals all play a role in regenerative farming, by cycling through the zones at various times during the year, munching and contributing to enhancing the soils, while creating healthy compost for organic gardens and fields.  Over the years, our fields have evolved to become a safe habitat for birds, rabbits, fox, and bobcat. 

Our Hemp Field

Our decision to include a hemp field was a simple one, there is no better way to enhance the health of individuals, the land, and the atmosphere; than by planting hemp. Our first year was one of incredible excitement and learning. We began with half an acre field, planting two cultivars: Ceiba and Cherry Wine, both high quality organic, CBD rich strains. We soon learned that our soil was so nutrient rich, the hemp plants exploded in growth.  The plants extended wide, and tall and took up far more space than we had expected. What a happy surprise!  We know that we contributed to their growth and well-being, as each plant was carefully planted with Buddhist chanting, and blessed  with mantras and sutras throughout the growing and harvesting season. In light of our efforts to honour their sacredness to the land and to us, we have labeled them "Buddha Blessed".  

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