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Transforming Suffering: Sacred YOU: Emergence of the Divine

The diamond, the world's hardest and most brilliant gem is born of the deepest folds of the earth's darkness. You are a gem, a brilliant shining light, which comes forth through your darkest hours.
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Transforming Suffering:  Sacred YOU: Emergence of the Divine

Time & Location

Sep 03, 4:00 PM – Sep 06, 3:00 PM
Isle La Motte, 2755 W Shore Rd, Isle La Motte, VT 05463, USA

About the Event

Join us on a powerful three day journey of soulful healing as we delve into and quickly through our personal and collective suffering; using tools and techniques to transform pain into exquisite lessons cultivating in divine sacredness, essence of light.

We will use multiple ancient traditions, learnings and practices to delve into revelation, and transformation into our most sacred exquisite essence. We will visit ancient sacred sites for meditation and original source healing. We will introduce the wisdom and insights of the pathways on the Tree of Life to understand our personal journeys of suffering, while finding the wisdom in the darkness that leads us to divine light and healing. We will dance, play, laugh, sing, meditate, and practice yoga as we discover our power of connectedness to all things; giving rise to understanding our sacredness.  

You will arrive as one being, and leave as another.

Why Should You Attend This Event?

Anyone and everyone who is desiring to evolve in the midst of the appearance of universal chaos and despair. 

Anyone who finds themself stuck, afraid, alone, unwell, unhappy, or unfulfilled. 

Anyone who has experienced periods of pain, distress, or anguish. 

Anyone who is stuck in the cycle of suffering. 

If any of these words and feelings resonate with you, then it's time for powerful healing; and this retreat is for you. 

We will lead you through transforming your experiences of suffering into your greatest treasure; finding the diamond gem of the Sacred YOU, in darkness.

Event Schedule:



A weekend retreat of

Deep transformation of pain and suffering into embodied divine essence

September 3-6, 2021;

October 8-11-2021

Maya Retreat Center

Isle La Motte Vermont

Arrival– Friday Evening:

Creating Sacredness, Sharing OurStories

Introduction & Review of the Weekend

Sacred Opening Ceremony

Creating Sacred Space and Connection

Setting Intentions for Healing, Transformation

Basic principles involved in transformative healing

These will be woven throughout the weekend and include:

Brief introduction to the Concepts of Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, PNI, Super humans, Ancient Lifetimes-Akashic Records, Tree of Life, Karmic Interplay into Life.

Brief introduction to polarity of darkness and light, suffering and healing, transformation in meeting the darkness

Story telling:

We all have our stories, share your story with truth, openness. Listening to the stories of others with respect and grace.

Sacred Meal, Getting Settled

Outlining weekend agenda, expectations, reviewing materials, preparing yourself for the journey

Day One: Saturday Meeting the Darkness

Meal sharing-open schedule

Yoga- on the beach/lawn

Meditation- Creating our Sacred Space

Review of Intentions for the Day, and Next Session;

Creating Safe Boundaries

Mapping the Pain/Trauma (long episode)

Uncovering the deep roots

-Family history


-Traumas, pains

-Beliefs, Paradigms



-Influencing factors: social, cultural, environmental, work, global influences

Using the Patterning wheel

Break: walk, relax, move, return 20 minutes

Generating Life Themes: health, relationships, money, love, self beliefs (using patterning wheel)

Map out beliefs, patterns, influences

Cleansing, Clearing Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Artistic Renderence:

Creating art to express your story line

Journaling insights

Break, lunch, play time-return 1 hour

Sacred Stories of Pain- Transforming the Fear, and Blocks (long episode)

Share your story line, and artistic renderence

The sacredness of each story

Honouring the pain and suffering

Meeting the fear

Wisdom and transformative principles within your story

Break: walk, play, relax-return 1. 5 hour

Private healing sessions

Quiet time, walk, swim, be with the animals;

Journal wisdom, rest

Sacred Stories of Pain- Transforming the Fear , and Blocks continued:

Continue story line review, insights, wisdom and facing the fears with use of transformative principles

Rename. Re-face the fear, Making sense of it.

Finding the light and wisdom within

Meditation, Chant, Cleansing/Clearing

Sacred closure ceremony

Meal Sharing

Private healing sessions continue

Evening free to relax, honour yourselves and each other; enjoy the sunset, sit by the fire

Day Two: Sunday: Your Love Story: Re-Writing Your Story Line

Wisdom of the Light: Love & Divinity

Meal sharing-open schedule

Sacred Ceremony: At the Ancient Quarry; Creating our Love Stories

Connecting with Ancient wisdom and healing of 500 million year old site

Setting higher Intentions for the Day, and Next Session;

Break Upon Return- 20 min

Learning principles, concepts to create your new life vision, Your Love Story

Learning from great masters and scientists on power of consciousness, expansiveness

Introduction to visioning

Crystal Sound Meditation- vision quest

Journal: Write out your vision of your new life

Lunch:  play, journal, return in 1 hour

Redefining your thought patterns

Rewriting your life story through quantum physics/wave form/thought patterns

Redefining your Life Mission, Purpose Statement

Rewrite, Recreate Your Vision- Expanding to unlimited potentiality

Now expand it and Rewrite your vision of your new life-

Rewrite your life map in a new way (new wheel pattern)

Break- return 20 minutes

Group sharing of new visions, mission statements, purpose statements, new life map, artistic rendering

Rampages: putting your new story in action

Creating personal music, video rampages

Sacred Ceremony: Group Closure, Sacredness Within

Private healing sessions continue

Meal Sharing

Evening free to relax, honour yourselves and each other; processing time, enjoy the sunset, sit by the fire, play with the animals on the farm

Day Three: Monday The Sacredness Within

Sacredness & Reverence; Honouring Your Life

Meditation: Pujas, Sevas, & Blessings

Understanding the Hindu & Buddhist practices of puja and seva for building sacredness

Sacred puja ceremony;

Create a sacred ceremony with gifts from nature. The ceremony will include your prayers for yourself, your offerings of self love, sacredness. Location tbd by group (beach, gardens, fire, ancient sites)

Regenerative Yoga- with crystal sound meditation. Honouring the body, filling it will love

Break- return 20 minutes

Meeting Your Divinity

Introduction to the Sacred the depths of your being

Introduction to ancient masters (Sufi)

Self love Meditation, Sacredness for all of your experiences; letting go and allowing love to enter

Sharing Your Divinity & Blessings

Sacredness of self: sharing blessings of self

Sacredness of other: sharing blessings of others in group

Returning to Love, Creating Your Divinity

Creating the New You: Defining the Goddess, Priestess, Shaman

(or whomever/whatever you want it to be)

This is a fun, interactive high vibe time

Invite, feel and celebrate the highest you

Artistic Rendering: The Sacred New You

Lunch, break return 30 minutes

Building Your Daily Practices: Building In Love

Filling your new story line with love and practical tools, rituals

Raise Your Frequency and maintaining it

Learning to honour yourself

Coming Full Circle: Application to your health and well being

Regenerating your being and eweaving your story line


Learning to Love & Honour You and All Your Experiences

Balancing the polarity

Support, Wisdom, Lessons

Creating Sacred Reminders

Sacred Ceremony: Giving Gratitude for our Blessings

Closure Ceremony

Closing: Outlining what’s next; setting up group time, follow up

Departure mid-late afternoon

(Schedule subject to change)

All Rights Reserved. Copyright @Maya Retreat Center, Maya Center for Integrated Medicine. Dr. Jeanette O’Conor. 2021

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