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Maya Center

Healing Retreats Embodied With Compassion & Love
Lakefront Retreat Sunset Sail



Life is meant to be filled with beautiful, meaningful moments. It is meant to be lived fully and experienced deeply with family, friends and ourselves. Each moment experienced in beauty and tranquility leaves a lasting impression.  Here at Maya, we have captured the beauty, serenity, and tranquility along the north western shores of Lake Champlain and created a sacred space for healing, joy, artistic expression, playfulness, and well-being. Our quiet, gentle environment has been found to be transformative for many who have visited.  Here, you will experience exquisite sunsets reflected on the lake, striking sunrises over the organic gardens, and a sense of true peace.

We offer personal and group retreats that promote the healing arts and integrative & holistic healing therapies; with the soul purpose of enhancing well-being, living fully and meaningfully. We have hosted artists, scholars, writers, and healing practitioners who seek sacred space to create and transform themselves and their work. We have hosted business retreats for socially conscious leaders, engaging in conscious corporate change, and private parties for individuals seeking retreat and privacy.

We hold a special place in our hearts for the sacred healing and restorative retreats we hold for cancer patients, and those with severe chronic illness.  Retreats where our love, compassion, and healing therapies shine most brilliantly in support of those suffering and most in need.  These retreats are held free or at markedly reduced rates so that those in need may attend. 

We also offer our retreat center for those who want to get a way to relax, play, and enjoy the serenity of this property and lake. Families and friends coming from busy cities of NY, Montreal, Boston find that this is the perfect location to unwind and refresh.


Our Staff:


Jeanette O'Conor PhD, MS,  MN, APRN

Dr. Jeanette O’Conor is a living embodiment of compassion, grace and unconditional love. She is the Director and founder of the Maya Retreat Center and the Maya Center for Integrative Medicine. Her life purpose is to honour and serve all with compassion and love, as she assists them in reaching their full expression of well-being.

Dr. O’Conor has over three decades of experience in treating and healing those with chronic and complex disease. She has two Masters degrees in the fields of public health, and advanced practice nursing; and a doctoral degree in clinical sciences, research and epidemiology from Dartmouth Medical School. Additionally, she has trained and studied in multiple integrative therapies including mind-body medicine, energy medicine, acupressure, and nutrition, to name a few.

She is an international lecturer, author and clinical researcher, who has lead small and large healthcare organizations in improving the quality of patient treatment and outcome across the globe.

She specializes in working with the complexity of an individual, group or corporation in disorder (disease). She does this by breaking it down to it’s core roots, then guides the healing and transformative process until the individual, group, or corporation reaches a higher state of coherence and consciousness.


Rachel Frei, LMT

Rachel is an intuitive healer, whose passion is to help others transform their physical appearance, and body image; while guiding them towards a more loving relationship with themselves.

She s a certified massage therapist with 15 years of experience, trained in myofascial release, craniosacral and trigger point therapy, functional movement, reiki, bioenergetic synchronization, and yin yoga.

Her philosophy is to utilize softer techniques following intuitive guidance, while acknowledging and addressing the emotional energies of the body in a heartfelt manner.

She is a gentle practitioner whose calm mannerisms and expert techniques provide exceptionally soothing, effective therapy; leaving people to feel regenerated and renewed.


The Maya Center is a small Buddhist retreat center located on a quant ancient fossil ridge, along the north western shores of Lake Champlain on the island of Isle La Motte, Vermont. Our purpose is to promote love, compassion, respect and beauty in all things. Therefore, our business mission and life here is a reflection of that. We honour all and serve to enhance the fullness and meaning of life. The Maya Center is proud to be developing a permaculture system and food forest; creating an eco-friendly and self-sustaining environment.

The island of Isle La Motte is renowned for its ancient fossil ridge dating to the Ordovician period, 485 million years ago. Visit the fossil ridge and quarry just down the road, experience this island’s ancient protected treasure.



Reserve your vacation holiday or special event in a pristine location surrounded by ancient healing energy. Book a day, the weekend, or a full week,  Maya offers intimate space and serenity for your vacation, healing retreat, workshop, or private event.



Catered Meals


Our Chef can prepare catered organic healthy meals for your event.  Available upon request

Free Wifi


Free wifi available in both buildings.

Organic Gardens


Enjoy our local organic, biodynamic fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the gardens and food forest.


Recycling and composting are a routine part of our daily living. Please do not put any food waste or oils into sinks or down septic system. Additional housekeeping for longer events upon request.


Enjoy a refreshing swim, beach combing, or relaxing in the sand along the private beach and shoreline.

Healing Therapies

Massage, acupressure, reiki and other healing therapies can be arranged upon request and availability..





Wineries Tour


Local wineries on the islands are open for tasting during the summer and fall season.

Cultural Sites

Montreal Quebec is an easy one hour drive north for a fantastic cultural experience., while Burlington Vermont (one hour south) offers the local flavor and faire.

Boating Tour 


Local captains available for hourly or day chartering and boat touring. Private boats available for daily lease. 

Leisure Activities


Walking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, skiing all available locally.

Animal Safari


Just over the border in Hemmingford Quebec, is Parc Safari; a nature and wildlife park.

Local Arts & Markets


During summer and fall season the local art guilds and farmer's markets are in full swing offering extraordinary local arts, crafts, and organic products.


"Such beautiful peaceful space. I was exhausted when I arrived and quickly settled into a tranquil environment, that allowed me to fully relax and rejuvenate".


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